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Professional Development on virtual teaching, learning and assessment   

Part of the “From Israel and the World” time slot - 19:00-19:45

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Israel is the only country not from Europe that is member of the EUN European Schoolnet, the consortium of European Ministries of Education. Israel and its educational system are in fact innovation incubators. This session will highlight innovations concerning virtual teaching, learning and assessment. Tziona Levi (Ph.D.), the Senior National Inspector for English, will describe the forms of assessing speaking. Dov Winer, Israel EUN representative, will review snippets from two recent reports surveying pedagogical innovations – the EUN Israel Country report to become available at and the January 2016 National Response for Israel of the Scientix Survey.

Session moderator: Dalia Fenig

Pedagogical innovation - (EUN) European Schoolnet/ Dov Winer
Assessment for Learning Speaking/ Dr Tziona Levi
Teaching, Learning, Assessing - reaching out/ Gail Singer and Galit Yona